Timing and costs

The table below has everything you need to know, from the name of the course element, the time required and the costs involved.

Course element Time required
Clinical Training  

18 months full time or part time equivalent training, including:

  • 12 months emergency medicine at a senior level
  • 3 months anaesthesia, and
  • 3 months critical care (ICU/CCU).
Educational Activities  

Attendance at emergency department educational activities and study group attendance. 

Emergency Medicine Courses  

Successful completion of three prescribed emergency medicine courses:

  • Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST)
  • Emergency Life Support (ELS), and
  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS).

Formative assessment comprising approx:

  • Supervisor reports at mid-point of emergency medicine training and anaesthetics and critical care (ICU/CCU) training

Summative assessment comprising approx:

  • Supervisor report at completion (12 months) of emergency medicine training and completion of anaesthetics and critical care training
  • procedural skills logbook, and
  • Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios (StAMPS), a modified viva voce examination for which you may complete a practice scenario.