Election of board and council


The College is governed by a Board consisting of: the elected President, up to five College Council appointed directors, an elected Registrar director, and up to three other Board appointed directors.  

Directors hold office for three year terms, with one-third of the positions being elected each year. All Board positions are honorary.


In addition, the College Council provides advice, guidance and general direction to the Board on matters of importance to College members in meeting the College’s purpose, including general policy issues, priorities for policy work or any national, state or regional views. The Council is elected by ACRRM members.

Upcoming elections

Nominations for the following positions are now closed:

Board positions:

  • President
  • Director on the College Board

Council positions:

  • Tasmanian Councillor
  • NSW Councillor
  • Victorian Councillor

Elections will be held for the President Position on the ACRRM Board, with all ordinary members encouraged to vote. Voting will be conducted through a third-party provider. Members will be sent correspondence via email with instructions on how to vote.