Registrar committee

The ACRRM Registrar Committee provides an avenue for the registrar population to engage in direct communication and provide feedback, suggestions and advice to the College. The Committee involves representatives from all pathways and training levels across Australia.

We have a great team of ACRRM trainees and recent Fellows on the Registrar Committee. We are able to discuss the current issues, create formal feedback to the College and represent you on a local or national level. We also represent you with external stakeholders such as GPRA and AMACDT.

Apply to join the Registrar Committee 

The Registrar Committee is currently seeking nominations for vacant positions to be filled in 2019. 

This year the Registrar Committee have worked to improve feedback post-assessments, streamline the Procedural Handbook and increase registrar involvement at the Rural Medicine Australia (RMA) Conference. It is a great way of getting involved, advocating for registrars and helping ACRRM respond to the issues that matter to registrars.

The positions are for a minimum of 12 months starting in February 2019, with options of renewal for three years. To ensure representation from all pathways, nomination are open to registrars training through the Independent Pathway, RVTS and AGPT Program. We wish to boost IMG, ADF and Indigenous representation on the Committee. 

There are six meetings per year 4 via teleconference and 2 face-to-face (on 16-17 February in Brisbane, and at RMA Conference in late October on the Gold Coast).  Positions are on a voluntary basis, with travel and accommodation expenses covered by the College

This year, we are updating our application process. You can submit a video to add appeal to your application. Alternatively, you can submit up to 300 words in response to the following three questions.

  1. Why do you want to apply for the Registrar Committee and why would you be a good representative?
  2. What makes you passionate about being an ACRRM registrar?
  3. What challenges do you see for ACRRM registrars in the short to medium term?

Submit your video response along with your CV to by Friday 23 November 2018.

The voting will be open to all ACRRM registrars and held via a voting ballot.

Registrar Committee 

The current ACRRM Registrar Committee consists of:

James RicciardoneDr James Ricciardone (Chair)

Dr Ricciardone is a rural generalist training in the Northern Territory and all over Australia. He has previously worked in both Alice Springs and Katherine Hospital and has experience as a remote doctor in various Indigenous communities in Central Australia.

Michelle HannanDr Michelle Hannan 

Dr Michelle Hannan became a FACCRM in 2017 with an AST in Emergency Medicine.

Michelle is also a board member of the Rural Doctors Association of Tasmania.

Michelle grew up in Goondiwindi, Queensland, first on a farm and later moved into town. She completed medicine through UNSW in Sydney and was able to spend the last 3 years of the degree at the Rural Clinical School in Wagga Wagga with a group of friends who had also chosen to go. Michelle continued with her internship and residency there and was able to start a Masters in Viticulture and Winemaking.

Michelle moved to Tasmania six years ago and bought a farm & vineyard. She has been doing a mix of full time and part time work in both GP and emergency, fitting life in around running the farm and making wine.

Michelle is interested in increasing the profile of the FACRRM in Tasmania, pushing for the development of a true Rural Generalist Pathway in Tasmania with suitable employment options for Fellows, and increasing the support available to ACRRM registrars in areas where the College is less well known.

Michael McLaughlinDr Michael McLaughlin

Dr Michael McLaughlin is an ACRRM registrar with Generalist Medical Training in Ayr, North Queensland.  He is due to complete fellowship in 2019 with an advanced skill in surgery.  Originally from Central QLD, Dr McLaughlin attended James Cook University before joining the QLD Rural Generalist Pathway.  He completed pre-vocational training in Cairns and surrounds, then moved to Logan and Redlands for two years of advanced skill training.  

Dr McLaughlin now works at Ayr Hospital completing PRRT 3,4. Dr McLaughlin has interests in public and tropical medicine and the progression of further rural proceduralists. Dr McLaughlin is also a Registrar Liaison Officer for Generalist Medical Training, and sits on the QLD Rural Generalist Reference Group. Outside of medicine, Dr McLaughlin is a keen gardener, and loves to explore wild remote places in the world.

Kari SimsDr Kari Sims

Dr Kari Sims is an ACRRM trainee with GPEx in South Australia. She is undertaking her JCAA at Mildura Base Hospital in 2018 to complete her AST and her FACRRM. Dr Sims completed her FRACGP in 2017 and has enjoyed undertaking her community based training within the Mid North of South Australia where she intends to continue practicing after the completion of her training. 

Dr Sims has held the position of Rural Registrar Liaison Officer for GPEx and is currently President Elect with RDASA. She loves the complexity and satisfaction of rural general practice and enjoys being involved in the teaching of students and interns.

Prior to returning to university to undertake her medical studies, Dr Sims completed both a Bachelor of Law and Legal Practice with Honours and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours. Despite a short legal career, she was keen to become a Rural GP and her medical studies, student placements and initial work at the Lyell McEwin Hospital were all geared towards this goal.

Dr Sims is passionate about rural medicine and hopes to help promote rural medicine and ACRRM training within South Australia. She would like to be involved in the development of a Rural Generalist Training Pathway within the South Australian health system and generally increase the profile of rural medicine and rural practitioners.

Nick JonesDr Nicholas Jones

Dr Nick Jones in an Independent Pathway (IP) ACRRM Registrar (PGY 8). He has been an ACRRM member since attending medical school at Notre Dame, Fremantle.

Dr Jones grew up in Mackay Queensland and has completed medical placements with John Flynn, NTGPE, RFDS, and outreach Ophthalmology with Lions Eye and Cape York.  Dr Jones is working to become a Generalist with a procedural scope of practice. His ideal position will be a combination of policy development, advocacy, and clinical field work. 

On the ACRRM Registrar Committee Dr Jones aims to advocate for Assessment Transparency and Registrar-College Engagement.

Vimbai KapuyaDr Vimbai Kapuya

Dr Vimbai Kapuya became an ACRRM Fellow in 2017. She trained with Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE). She also holds a diploma in Child Health and completed her AST in paediatrics. Vimbai is committed to registrar education and previously ran neonatal resuscitation courses at Katherine Hospital, 300km south of Darwin, where she did most of her general practice training. She is now a Medical Educator with NTGPE and is doing a graduate certificate in clinical education.  She provides emergency services in Yass hospital in regional NSW.

Vimbai will be completing her term as a member of the ACRRM registrar committee in 2018 and is keen to continue working closely with ACRRM to improve registrar experiences.

Angus BrownDr Angus Brown

Dr Angus Brown is a Rural Generalist trainee currently working in Moree as a GP Registrar in primary care and as a VMO through Moree Hospital. 

Dr Brown was born in Orange and grew up in Sydney, though the Country definitely won him over. He has a wife and two young children who have also enjoyed the nomadic movements of his training throughout NSW over the last five years. 

Dr Brown is passionate about trying to attract other young doctors to come to the country and stay for the long haul. He loves getting to local Rugby matches whenever he can, and loves learning about primary production and farming technology from my patients. Dr Brown's dreams are to one day own a small patch of land so he can practice his newly learnt farming knowledge, and maybe even have a runner in the Melbourne Cup. 

Allison HempenstallDr Allison Hempenstall 

Allison is an ACRRM Registrar currently working on Thursday Island in the Torres Straits. Her interests include public health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, tropical medicine and medical education. During her time as a registrar committee member she is looking forward to advocating for ACRRM registers to ensure high quality rural and remote medical education. She regularly writes for the FOAM blog Island Doctors. You can find Allison on Twitter @Dr_Hempenstall.

Dr Jessica HockeyDr Jessica Hockey

Dr Jessica Hockey is an ACRRM registrar with GPTQ in Queensland. Having grown up between rural Far North Queensland and Western Australia, Dr Hockey is passionate about rural community and healthcare. 

Dr Hockey has been an ACRRM member since completing medical school at the University of Queensland. She holds a diploma in Child Health and is currently undertaking a Certificate of Emergency Medicine. She plans to undertake an Anaesthetic AST in 2019. 

Dr Amran DhillonDr Amran Dhillon

Dr Amran Dhillon is an ACRRM registrar training with Murray City Country Coast (MCCC) GP training. He is in his final year of training towards fellowship at Ballan, Victoria and has an interest in paediatrics and emergency medicine. He completed his pre-vocational training in Melbourne including a critical care residency year prior to doing his advanced training in anaesthetics.

He has numerous goals for this position, including advocating for a strong rural generalist training pathway in Victoria. As a practicing GP Anaesthetist in Kilmore, Victoria he would like to protect the critical role of the rural anaesthetist.

Dr Dhillon has represented his peers in various roles and is a strong advocate for promoting junior doctor well being. Outside medicine Dr Dhillon is a keen tennis player and loves to travel. In the future he would like to work as a retrieval specialist.