Global Recognition of Fellowship

Global Recognition of College Fellowship

As an AMC accredited general practice qualification, Fellowship of ACRRM can provide a passport to work anywhere in the world.

ACRRM Fellows can be found working across the globe in general practice clinics and hospitals as well as a wide range of less conventional settings. They are particularly highly demanded by organisations such as World Vision and Medicins San Frontieres who value the College’s expanded ‘remote’ generalist skill set.

The unique rural and remote practice competencies encapsulated by the FACRRM have supported our Fellows’ work in places as diverse as Antarctica, in Ebola crisis centres in Liberia, in health services throughout the South Pacific islands and for NASA.

Applying to work overseas

Fellowship of ACRRM can enable doctors to work as a specialist for the purpose of registration in many countries. For example a College Fellow can apply to the General Medical Council in the UK to have their Fellowship recognised as a specialist qualification if they have gained this qualification through one of the College’s AMC accredited training pathways. Such arrangements vary considerably across jurisdictions.

In key countries the College is working to simplify the application process for Fellows through a range of partnerships and agreements as outlined below.


The College of Family Physicians Canada (CFPC) and ACRRM MOU (2010) established reciprocity between the Certificate of Family Medicine Canada and the Fellowship of ACRRM.

For College Fellows the MOU facilitates recognition as a family medicine specialist when applying for registration to work as a family physician in Canada. (Details)

Holders of the CFPC wishing to work in Australia may apply to the College for Fellowship ad eundum gradum. (Details)

New Zealand

College Fellows looking to work in New Zealand may apply to either the Royal New Zealand College of General Practice or the Division of Hospital Medicine New Zealand for recognition ad eundum gradum.

Holders of the Fellowship of the RNZCGP who wish to work in Australia may apply to the College for Fellowship ad eundum gradum. (Details)

For doctors who hold a Fellowship with the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine New Zealand (FDRHMNZ) application can be made under ACRRM's Specialist Pathway.

South Africa

In 2010 the College signed an MOU with Wits University and the African Placement Network that provides ACRRM registrars with an opportunity to undertake 12 months of their training in South Africa.


The College has met with the College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS) to discuss matters of common interest on which the two colleges could establish collaboration arrangements including research, training exchanges and reciprocal recognition.

United States

The College has entered dialogue with the American Board of Family Physicians (ABFP) in regard to reciprocal arrangements.

United Kingdom

The College is currently working with the RCGP to establish an MOU to facilitate a range of activities of mutual interest.


The College is assisting a collaboration of rural doctors and health services in their efforts to develop a Rural Generalist training program in Japan modelled on the ACRRM Fellowship.