Fees - Ad eundum gradum

ACRRM's ad eundum gradum applicants are assessed on their individual merits, experience, and qualifications. Applications pass through key checkpoints in the assessment to evaluate eligibility and recommendation for specialist recognition via the ad eundum gradum pathway.

The fee structure has been designed to be simple and clearly linked to the individual components of the ad eundum gradum assessment process, view below.

Item Amount Payment due
Pathway Fees
Application Review Fee $720* Upon application
Paper Based Assessment Fee $830 Upon request
Review Discussion (via teleconference) $605 Upon request
ACRRM Membership Fee See category Upon acceptance

All fees are GST-Free unless otherwise indicated.

* Inclusive of GST

Prices are subject to change. Fee listed are effective 1 July 2018.

Below is an explanation of each fee:

Application Review Fee

ACRRM will review application and supporting documents for eligibility and completion.

Paper Based Assessment Fee (paid on application to ACRRM)

ACRRM's censor or nominee carefully reviews the application received, focusing on the applicant’s experience, education and qualifications to validate the applicant’s eligibility for recommendation of recognition as a specialist via the ad eundum gradum pathway. Those who are identified as not considered to be equivalent are referred back to the Specialist Pathway for progression through assessment.

Review Discussion

A review discussion may be requested of applicant’s who have completed the paper based assessment if the Censor requires further clarification of an applicant's training and experience. This will be conducted via teleconference with the Chief of Censor and the Chair of ACRRM's IMG Assessment Committee or their nominees.

ACRRM Membership Fee

Once an applicant’s application has been assessed and recommended for specialist recognition, the applicant must become a member of ACRRM. Membership of ACRRM provides applicants with benefits such as access to Rural and Remote Medical Education Online (RRMEO) an education and networking platform developed by ACRRM specifically for rural doctors in training and in practice and automatic enrolment in ACRRM’s Professional Development Program (PDP). For more information on ACRRM membership benefits visit: ACRRM Member Benefits.