Eligibility - Short term training

To be eligible, IMGs must be applying for limited registration and are either qualified specialists in another country or genuine specialists in training. For the purpose of this pathway the College recognises genuine specialists in training and internationally qualified specialists as those who have completed the qualification, or are in training to obtain the qualification, as set out in the College’s specialist pathway codified list.  

Applicants must meet the following:  

  • Genuine specialist in training [more]

    Have commenced a specialist training program in a country outside Australia that is delivered by a recognised/accredited body for specialist training in general practice/family medicine, and

    Is not likely to be more than two years away from completing their specialist training.

  • Internationally qualified specialist [more]

    Means the applicant is recognised as a qualified specialist by a recognised/accredited overseas authority responsible for awarding specialist qualifications and or the qualified specialist is recognised by the overseas registering authority as a specialist in a country outside Australia, and

    The applicant is also seeking to up-skill their specialist qualifications in a particular specialist area and is not seeking specialist recognition in Australia.