Assessment process

ACRRM has a two (2) stage assessment process consisting of an interim assessment known as Paper Based Assessment (PBA) and Structured Interview before comparability is determined.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine the following:

  • SIMGs level of comparability with an Australian-trained Fellow of the college (FACRRM)
  • Competency and experience for a specific 'Area of Need' position, and
  • Identify specific areas of further development and recommend learning objectives and assessments to achieve the desired level to achieve Fellowship

Assessmentcom  Criteria

The criteria used to assess an SIMG's comparability are aligned with the ACRRM curriculum domains of practice as follows:

  • Demonstrated ability to apply core and extended clinical knowledge and skills in diagnosis and management of medical conditions
  • Demonstrated ability to apply a population health approach to rural and remote general practice
  • Demonstrated ability to provide care for indigenous people and the community
  • Demonstrated ability to apply professional and ethical standards to clinical practice
  • Demonstrated ability to practice medicine in a rural and remote context

Interim Assessment (Paper Based Assessment)

An initial assessment of all applications (PBA) will be conducted by an ACRRM approved IMG Medical educator or nominee. This assessment will confirm eligibility as outlined in the Assessment Criteria.

The outcome of the initial PBA will be either:

  • Recommended to proceed to structured interview for assessment of comparability to an Australian-trained Specialist General Practitioner
  • Not comparable to an Australian-trained Specialist General Practitioner, which will be reported to the MBA as the assessment outcome

Structured Interview

The structured interview is conducted via video conferencing link with a panel consisting of three FACRRM and one community representative. One of the panel will be appointed as the Panel Chair.

Each interview involves questioning to determine/ confirm training and experience, and the equivalence to knowledge, skills and attitudes expected of a FACRRM.

Duration of the interview is approximately 60 minutes.

Comparability outcome

The outcome of comparability will be provided to the SIMG and AMC, 10 working days following the interview. The outcome will be uploaded to the SIMGs profile and an email notification will be sent to the email address stated on the SIMGs application.

More detail on the assessment process is available in the Guidelines for Assessment of Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMG).

Registration Data

For registration statistics, please refer to the information provided in the Medical Board of Australia Registrant Report.

Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Policy

Any person who is dissatisfied with, and adversely affected by an assessment result may, within 28 days, apply to have the decision reconsidered or reviewed.

For more information about the policy including the related fees can be found in the Reconsideration Review and Appeals Policy.