Fees - PESCI

The fee for the Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) assessment is payable upon application.

An additional fee applies if you are conducting your interview via video conference. This needs to be indicated on your application form and must be paid upon submission of application.

Once you are notified of your interview date and time, you can reschedule the interview if a request is received within the acceptance period of five working days. If not, an administration reschedule fee will be applied.

IMGs who are applying for assessment through PESCI are assessed on their individual merits, skill, experience, and competency for the position for which registration is being sought. IMGs will pass through key checkpoints in the initial assessment period to evaluate their eligibility to be assessed as either suitable or not suitable for the nominated position. Fees applicable to the pathway are outlined below.

Item Amount Payment due
Pathway Fees
Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview $2240 Upon application
Additional Fees (if applicable)
Video conferencing Fee (ACRRM's Fee only) (Applicant must source and pay for services at their location) $605 Upon application
Administration Fee
If applicant is not scheduled
$410* Upon request
Administration Fee
If applicant is scheduled
$570* Upon request
PESCI Feedback Session
Request for a PESCI Feedback Session must be received within 21 days of receiving results
$280 Upon request

All fees are GST-Free unless otherwise indicated

*Inclusive of GST

Prices are subject to change. Fees listed are effective 1 July 2018

Below is an explanation of each fee:

Structured Interview Fee

The Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) is conducted by the College to ensure applicants have the knowledge, skills and experience required to practice safely and effectively in Australia.

A PESCI is a fitness-for-task assessment and interview where the panel assesses an applicant’s skills, knowledge and experience for the position for which they are seeking registration to practice in Australia.

Video Conferencing Fee (if applicable)

ACRRM engages an external provider to support video conference interviews. The provider will conduct a test call with the applicant’s nominated venue prior to the interview to ensure connectivity is secured before the interview proceeds. The provider also does bridging of all those video conferencing into the interview. This fee is associated with costs of engaging ACRRM’s facility provider.

Please note: The applicant is responsible for arrangements of their own video conference facilities and the costs incurred at the applicant’s location and invigilator.

Administration Fees (if applicable)

An administration fee applies to applicants that wish to:
  • reschedule their confirmed appointment, the applicants request must be received a minimum of 4 weeks prior to their scheduled interview;
  • change the position details for which the applicant has applied and being assessed for, the applicants request must be received a minimum of 4 weeks prior to their scheduled interview;
  • updates to any documentation provided as part of the application including CV, the applicants request must be received a minimum of 4 weeks prior to their scheduled interview;
  • seek additional services beyond the activities associated with the initial PESCI process and applied at the discretion of the IMG Program Manager.

Applicants have until 4 weeks prior to their scheduled appointment to request a change and make payment for any changes to be granted. Requests received within 4 weeks will not be granted and the Refund policy will apply.


Applicants who wish to withdraw their application for any reason the following refunds apply:

Status of application Amount held/lost Refund total
Application received, assessed and not scheduled for interview $410.00 $1830.00
Application received, assessed, scheduled, confirmed and withdrawn by applicant 15 days or more prior to the notified interview date, a partial refund of 50% will apply $1120.00 $1120.00
Application received, assessed, scheduled, confirmed and withdrawn by applicant 14 days prior to the notified interview date, no refund will be made $2240.00 Nil
A full refund will be due if the College is unable to provide the interview    

All fees are GST-free unless otherwise indicated.

*Inclusive of GST

Prices are subject to change.

PESCI Feedback Session

ACRRM provides services for one on one feedback sessions with applicants found not suitable. These are arranged via appointment only.

Information about our feedback sessions:

  • are conducted via a phone conference;
  • are conducted with a Medical Educator or nominated representative;
  • the feedback provide will be in the form of recommendations from the panel on areas for improvement;
  • the feedback will expand on the information provided in the report;
  • the feedback will advise the applicant of their own performance against the standards required for each domain;
  • the feedback will not go over the outcome of each case that was presented.

Applicant's will have up to 21 days from receipt of their results to request a feedback session and provide payment before appointment is arranged.