Process - PESCI

Information required

An applicant must have the following documents ready to upload, before commencement of the application process:

  1. A completed College formatted CV
  2. A copy of your passport (certified copy for video conference)
  3. A completed College-formatted position description template for the following:
  4. A completed Training Plan for applicants applying for Limited Registration - Post Graduate Training and Supervised Practice.

Once an IMG's application is accepted

Allow 2-5 working days for confirmation that the College has received the application. All correspondence from the College is via email in the first instance. Email details provided in the application form must be correct.

Scheduling an interview

Applicants will be advised of interview dates once all supporting documentation has been received and the application has been deemed suitable Short notice vacancies (within the coming 4 weeks) are advertised via social media. Like us on Facebook for announcements.

PESCI dates will be allocated based on the location noted in the application. Should an IMG choose not to accept the date offered, the application will be returned to ACRRM’s waitlist.

After your interview


The College will issue the Applicant Report containing interview results to the applicant and a full Board Report to AHPRA within 14 days of the interview.


Applicants who have been deemed not suitable will receive feedback within their report which is based on their performance in the interview. If an applicant wishes to receive additional feedback, a request must be received by the College within 21 days of receiving their results. 

Reconsideration, Review, and Appeal

The College has a comprehensive reconsideration, review and appeals policy that is documented on our website at this link: ACRRM reconsideration review and appeals policy.