Pathway options

There are a range of pathway options the College is accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to provide, which International Medical Graduates may be eligible for, to start a career in the specialty of general practice within Australia.  An outline of each is below.

Specialist pathway

The Specialist pathway is an assessment pathway with a focus on rural and remote practice. It provides IMGs, with a recognised overseas general practice qualification (as per our codified list), the opportunity to gain Fellowship with ACRRM and recognition and registration in the specialty of general practice whilst living and working within Australia.

Standard pathway

The Standard pathway is for non specialist IMGs and results in limited registration.  A Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interviews (PESCI) is a fitness for task assessment/interview where the panel assess skills, knowledge and experience for the position for which registration is being sought.

Ad eundum gradum

The Ad eundum gradum pathway enables recognised specialists in general practice from New Zealand and family physicians from Canada to come and work in Australia without unnecessary assessment or examination.

ACRRM's Independent pathway

Once you have successfully completed your assessment through the Standard pathway, have gained limited registration and completed 12 months practice in Australia, you may be eligible to train for a Fellowship of ACRRM (FACRRM) through our Independent pathway. Training includes at least one advanced specialised discipline, such as anaesthetics, obstetrics, emergency medicine, surgery, or population health. The Independent pathway is a full-fee pathway, and training time for experienced doctors can be reduced through recognition of prior learning (RPL) where previous experience is assessed and deemed comparable to FACRRM training requirements.

Note: Both the Workplace Based Assessment and Competent Authority programs closed on 1 July 2014.