Eligibility - surgery, anaesthetics and obstetrics

General practitioner

The Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP) supports procedural rural doctors in ASGC-RA 1*-5 locations who are maintaining or upgrading their skills in anaesthetics, obstetrics, and/or surgery. Procedural GPs undertaking rural hospital-based work may be eligible.

Rural and remote procedural GP [more]

For this component, a rural and remote procedural GP is: A rural or remote procedural general practitioner provides non-referred services - normally in a hospital theatre, maternity setting or other appropriately equipped facilities - which, in urban areas, are typically the province of a specific referral-based specialty. Most commonly this refers to the fields of surgery, anaesthetics, and obstetrics. Elements essential to procedural medicine include the use of appropriately equipped facilities and resources, and involve a collaborative team of health professionals. The practitioner should also be engaged in an appropriate skills-maintenance program in the relevant procedural area(s).

*Doctors in ASGC-RA 1 require additional approval from the Rural Procedural Grants Program Collaboration Committee. 

GP registrar

If you are a GP registrar complete this questionnaire to ascertain your eligibility.

Are you a GP registrar in ASGC-RA 2-5?
Do you have pre-existing qualifications in one or more disciplines? (Pre-existing qualifications may include recognised qualification in the procedural components of anaesthetics, obstetrics or surgery, such as a DRANZCOG certificate, JCCA.)
Are you working unsupervised in that discipline (certification must be obtained from a hospital credentialing committee)?
Do you have evidence of regular participation in the roster for anaesthetics, obstetrics or surgery?
Unfortunately, you are not currently eligible.
Congratulations, you may be eligible. Please fill out the application form or contact us for more information.


If you are a locum complete this questionnaire to ascertain your eligibility.

Do you practise as a locum in an ASGC-RA 2-5 locality?
Can you provide proof of clinical privileges in the discipline for which you are registering from at least one hospital in which you performed locum work?
Have you undertaken a minimum of one month (28 days) of locum work per financial year, or undertaken locum placements on eight occasions per financial year?
Can you provide evidence, in the form of a letter, from your employer or a personal declaration stating that you have completed or will be completing the required amount of days?
Unfortunately, you are not currently eligible.
Congratulations, you may be eligible. Please fill out the application form or contact us for more information.


  • GPs who undertake only minor procedural work in their rooms are not classified as procedural GPs for this component, and
  • GPs seeking to attend training to become a procedural GP, and
  • Specialists are not eligible for this program.

Surgery defined

For the purposes of this program, surgery refers to abdominal surgery (including appendectomy), gynaecological surgery (including dilatation and curettage, termination of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, abdominal masses and cysts) requiring general anaesthetic, and endoscopy. Orthopaedics requiring major regional blocks or general anaesthetic including definitive treatment of fractures, dislocations and tendon repairs. The removal of simple cysts or aspiration of pleural effusions and skin surgery (including flap or graft repairs) are not covered under the Rural Procedural Grants Program.