Register for RPGP

How to register in the program

  1. Ensure that you meet the program eligibility criteria for the component/s that you wish to register for
  2. Download and complete the Guidelines and Application Form, ensuring that you register in all components for which you plan to lodge a claim
  3. Provide documentation from your Hospital Credentialing Committee or Area Health Service indicating that you are a current unsupervised provider of anaesthetic, obstetric, surgical and/or emergency medicine in a hospital or other appropriately equipped facility. Evidence can be provided to ACRRM in the form of a clinical privileging letter.

Clinical privileges [more]

To be considered for the RPGP, doctors must be currently providing procedural or emergency medicine services and their evidence of clinical privileging must be current. 

What are clinical privileges?

Clinical privileges are usually awarded by the Area Health Service or hospital credentialing committee. Clinical privileging letters certify the procedural areas of practice that a doctor is allowed to provide in a specific locality as a registered medical practitioner.

I don't work in a hospital, so I don't have clinical privileging. What do I do?

Doctors who do not work in a hospital may not be able to obtain a clinical privileging letter. If your employer such as Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) or the Antarctic service can provide you with clinical privileges certification, this may be accepted. For facilities other than hospitals that are supplying emergency services, then you must provide the College with a letter from your Area Health Service stating that the facilities and your qualifications meet the requirements of the program.

GP registrars [more]

GP Registrars must provide the following additional documentation as part of their registration for the emergency medicine component:

  • GP registrars must have completed a 12-month Advanced Specialist Post in Emergency Medicine and their relevant college (ACRRM or RACGP) must confirm this as part of the registration process, and
  • GP registrars must provide evidence of regular participation in an on-call roster providing emergency medicine cover.
  • Send your completed Application Form and all supporting documentation to:
    • Email:
    • Fax: 07 3105 8299
    • Mail: ACRRM Rural Procedural Grants, GPO Box 2507, Brisbane QLD 4001

What happens next?

Upon receipt of your application we will assess it to determine that you meet the program eligibility criteria and confirm that you have provided suitable evidence. If successful, the College will notify you via email and will forward your registration details to Medicare Australia.

You may then claim payment for procedural and emergency medicine activities subsequently attended that are a minimum of six hours in duration and are relevant to the discipline in which you have been registered in the program, as long as you continue to meet the program eligibility criteria.