Types of claims

You are encouraged to contact the College prior to registering for educational activities to confirm they are eligible for Grant support. 

There are two types of training that are recognised for the grant:

Educational activity

Once registered in the program, you can claim a grant for educational activities you subsequently attend such as conferences, seminars, or workshops. The following two criteria must be met:

  • the activity must be a minimum of six hours of face-to-face learning or equivalent, undertaken in a block or spread out over two or more days, and
  • it is not a requirement that the activity is accredited by the College, but a copy of the program must accompany the claim and evidence of attendance.

Clinical attachment

A supervised clinical attachment is a period of attachment in another clinical/hospital setting where a participant can observe and engage in hands-on clinical practice.  The aim should be to either learn new specific skills or update specific skills and areas of knowledge.

How to claim

At any time you may log into your My College Dashboard and go to your My Grants tool. Here you will be able to submit grant claims online and check the statuses of your claims.