Clinical attachments

A supervised Clinical Attachment is a period of attachment in a clinical or hospital setting different from your usual setting. During a Clinical Attachment you should be able to observe and engage in hands-on clinical practice.

The aim of a Clinical Attachment is for you to learn new skills, or update your existing skills and areas of knowledge.  You will have a nominated supervisor who is required to provide a written report on your attachment period.

To be recognised, the attachment must have the following essential features:

  • meet a specific learning need
  • define specific learning objectives
  • involve a specific supervisor
  • specific learning activities are planned according to the educational objectives
  • there is a clear process of monitoring the achievement of learning objectives during the clinical attachment, and
  • the outcomes of learning and implications for practice are documented.


Once completed, you will be awarded:

Completion of a clinical attachment of at least 15 hours will cover your mandatory PRPD requirements for the PDP triennium.


Assistance and grants

You may also be eligible for the Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP).