Our Online Learning platform features a constantly growing selection of interactive courses. All courses are mapped to the ACRRM curriculum and are authored by specialists and ACRRM members. Individual modules vary in style and duration and include standard asynchronous courses through to online communities of practice such as Tele-Derm. 

The majority of modules feature a case based approach to learning, where participants develop their analytical and reflective skills through the use of real-life scenarios.

Some of the latest online courses currently include: 

  • Tele-Derm National [more]
    Tele-Derm is an internationally recognised online resource designed primarily to allow rural doctors to submit de-identified cases for free specialist advice on diagnosis and management by Dermatologist Dr Jim Muir. Online case studies, tips and cases of the week are also available. Register here.
  • The Rural Doctors’ Family and Domestic Violence Education Package [more]
    The course was developed by rural doctors for rural doctors and draws on the diverse experience of a national team of clinicians. It aims to strengthen doctors’ capacity to address family violence within their rural and remote practice community. It is based on a series of clinically focused case-based discussions with emphasis on providing best practice responses at both the individual and the community level.
  • A Users Guide to Skin Surgery [more]
    Designed specifically with the needs of practitioners in rural and remote areas in mind. It is aimed at medical students, recent graduates, registrars in general practice (especially those intending to work in rural and remote Australia) as well as established practitioners.
  • Basics in Radiology Series [more]
    A series of four courses on the principles of radiology. It is not possible to teach all the patterns of radiology. The aim of the series is to teach some simple radiological principles and to show how they can be used to reach a diagnosis by a process of logic. The series takes you through the basics of how an X-ray or CT image is produced and how to interpret the images.
  • Diagnosis and Management of Haemochromotosis [more]
    The course was written by Dr Katie Goot, a GP in rural Queensland and a recent fellow of ACRRM. In her training towards FACRRM which included Advanced Specialist Training in Population Health, her background in undergraduate genetics and molecular biology as well as her interest in preventative medicine led her to study genetic conditions that rural GPs might diagnose and manage.
  • Introduction to Dental Emergencies [more]
    This course with its supporting units attempts to demystify the mouth allowing physicians to confidently describe, document and manage commonly presenting dental emergencies using evidence based information.
  • Introduction to Telehealth [more]
    This course was developed by the College in consultation with members of the ACRRM Telehealth Advisory Committee (ATHAC) and the ACRRM Clinicians Working Group. It was developed in parallel with the ATHAC Telehealth Standards Framework and the ACRRM Telehealth Guidelines, which have been referenced to the major international and Australian standards/guidelines for telehealth.
  • Mental Health Disorders Training for Rural Practitioners [more]
    Our Mental Health Disorders Training for Rural Practitioners course is delivered online and face-to-face throughout the year. This course offers you a unique approach to training in mental health disorders. The content was developed for you by leading general practitioners, mental health nurses, carers, consumers, psychiatrists and psychologists who are committed to mental health care and primary medical care. Click for more information.

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