Cultural awareness module for PIP Indigenous Health Incentive

We have developed an online module that promotes cultural awareness and is accredited for the Practice Incentive Payment (PIP) Indigenous Health Incentives. To be eligible for the incentives, you must complete your training within 12 months of joining the PIP (IHI).

The 15-hour module provides opportunities to understand medical practice from an indigenous perspective and to work towards improving your indigenous patients’ confidence and wellbeing. To be eligible for the PIP Indigenous Health Incentive,  the module must be completed by a GP in the practice and one other person working in the practice. The second person could be non-medical, such as the practice manager.

What it costs

Enrolment type Cost (inc GST)

Member = $120

Non-member = $180

Two in a practice

At least one is a member = $280 (total)

Neither is a member = $320 (total)

College members (and members of subscribing institutions) Free, five-hour version of the course designed as an introduction for medical students and junior doctors.