Professional development requirements

We’re proud of our comprehensive Professional Development Program (PDP) which sets and upholds high standards that define and govern Australia’s unsupervised general practitioners. Our curriculum and requirements help to ensure you become better-equipped to take on the exciting challenges of rural generalism.

While participating in the College’s PDP is a mandatory requirement in maintaining your Fellowship, registration and participation is available to all of our members as a benefit of membership. 

If you would like to participate in the College's PDP, you must first become a member. If you are already a member and would like to register for PDP, please complete the online registration.

Points required

In order to meet your PDP commitments, you must accumulate a total of 100 points during the triennium period (2017-2019 Triennium).

An overview of the points required for Fellows and members of the College is below. These points can be accumulated by participating in a variety of our PDP activities, courses and workshops.

Fellows College Members

Advanced Life Support (ALS) 10 Points

Basic Life Support (BLS) 10 Points

Practice Reflective Professional Development (PRPD) 30 Points

Practice Reflective Professional Development (PRPD) 30 Points

Core Continuing Professional Development (Core) 60 Points Core Continuing Professional Development (Core) 60 Points


Earning points

Education providers apply to have their activities accredited by the College and they directly report the College’s member attendances so that members receive their points.

Points can also be added to your My PD Portfolio if an activity is not accredited. We do require evidence of attendance or completion of the activity and a program to assist with assessment. Evidence may include:

  • certificate of attendance and/or completion
  • activity statement from another college, and
  • documentation that verifies attendance.

Tracking points

Through your My PD Portfolio, you can:

  • view your current points per category status
  • enrol in accredited activities
  • add an unaccredited activity for retrospective accreditation, or
  • download your statement.