Teaching, research and more

There are a variety of other activities that can earn points in our PDP.

Becoming involved with some College activities can earn you Points throughout the triennium. These may include activities such as:

Teaching practice accreditation

Earn points by having your practice accredited as a teaching practice. College Fellows are encouraged to apply to have their practice registered as a training environment for students and registrars. Download a copy of the Standards for Supervisors and Teaching Posts in Primary Rural and Remote Training.

Coordinating and moderating clinical forum discussions

Points can be awarded for moderating clinical forum discussions, satellite programs, and/or online forums on our Online Learning platform - RRMEO.

Scientific presentation

Present a poster, a paper or a workshop at a professional scientific meeting, workshop or conference, such as Rural Medicine Australia.

Supervision of registrars

To earn points from supervising ACRRM registrars, please have your activities certified by the relevant regional training organisation.

Teaching medical students and allied health workers

This refers to structured formal teaching/supervision of medical students organised through a university medical education program or student placement program (e.g. John Flynn Placement Program). 

This activity may also include structured formal teaching of nurse practitioners, physician assistants and paramedical students in clinical settings such as Emergency Departments. 

Development of relevant educational programs

Points can be earned for developing professional standards that impact on the practice of peers. This includes the development of or participation in ACRRM assessment. You may also be credited for developing education programs relevant to rural or remote practice, or educational activities that contain clinical practice.

To find our full details about earning points on any of the above activities, or to view all of the activities eligible to earn Points, view the handbook.