About ACRRM fellowship

"I love a challenge and that’s why I chose a training program with ACRRM."

- ACRRM Registrar

We believe Fellowship of ACRRM, or FACRRM, is the only qualification worth having if you want to be a rural GP. When you start your training towards Fellowship, you have access to internationally recognised curriculum, experts in rural and remote medicine, and infinite flexibility and support.

The FACRRM is recognised as the certification of choice for 97% of rural training generalists in Queensland alone.

A FACRRM gives you:

  • global recognition
  • increased confidence
  • more job opportunities
  • ability to work in any environment
  • potentially more earnings, and
  • qualifications to work independently, in a team or as a collaborator.

Check to see if you are eligible to start your training towards Fellowship today.

The College's four year training program consists of multiple pathways that offer you flexibility in the order, location and timing of your study.

Recognised Prior Learning

Training towards Fellowship may be behind you quicker than you think. Our recognition of prior learning (RPL) officially acknowledges a wider range of prior learnt skills than any other college in Australia.