Reports from previous winners

President's Prize winner 2017

The 2017 President's Prize winner was Ariel Woodhouse.

President's Prize winner 2016

The 2016 President's Prize winner was Aaron Powell.

President's Prize winner 2015

The 2015 President's Prize winner was Rebecca Irwin

“I'm so keen to go rural and I'm so excited this (President's Prize) is going to give me the opportunity to do another rural placement and the possibility that it's going to be with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, so this is fantastic.”

– Rebecca Irwin

President's Prize winner 2014

The 2014 President's Prize winner, Francis Young, chose to go to Cleve, South Australia.

Here is a follow-up of Francis's experience!

President's Prize winner 2013

The 2013 President's Prize winner, Laura Sharley, chose to spend two weeks in Nguiu on Bathurst Island. 

“I learned so much about the history and culture of the Tiwi people whilst seeing such unique medicine - especially improving my skills at looking in kids ears and diabetes management! Remote tropical medicine is fascinating.”

– Laura Sharley

"I often saw a patient, with the nurse, who had dropped in and then followed up with the doctor. This allowed me to have bedside tutorials with each of the health professionals that the patient saw. I found this learning so rewarding, it makes learning a condition or concept so much more understandable when you can see the effect that it has on a patient."

– Lucy Dobson

President's Prize winner 2012

The 2012 President's Prize winner, Lucy Dobson, chose to spend two weeks in Jabiru, Kakadu. The township and the wider community it services has a population of about 1500 people.

Lucy chose Jabiru, because of the variation of the services that the clinic offers. The Community Health Centre has a mixture of people accessing services and resources including the local people and workers of the Ranger Mine.

What Lucy enjoyed most about her placement was that she could latch on to any of the doctors and nurses who were always willing to teach. The staff made the time there enjoyable and fruitful.

Read Lucy’s full report here.

"The placement reinforced to me the problems faced by rural and remote Australians and emphasised how special a career in rural medicine is."

– Brooke Ah Shay

President's Prize winner 2011

The 2011 President's Prize winner, Brooke Ah Shay, chose to go to The Royal Flying Doctors Service, based in Port Hedland, WA.

Brooke's time with the RFDS comprised of many transfers to Perth, one primary retrieval from a remote station and drive-out clinics to the remote Indigenous communities of Yandeyarra and Marble Bar.

The placement gave Brooke the opportunity to discover what the life of a RFDS doctor entails, its rewards and many challenges, and inspired her with their commitment, work ethic and passion.

Brooke also got the opportunity to explore the Pilbara region and immerse herself in an unfamiliar landscape.

Read Brooke’s full report here.