Education Program Goals

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate capacity to comply with the requirements of the Practice Incentive Program (eHealth Incentive)
  • Participants in the ACRRM program will have developed strategies and practice-based protocols to support the implementation of the My Health Record system for patients with chronic conditions including:
    • establishing a plan to build integrated teams around patients with chronic conditions;
    • engaging their practice team in improvement activities;
    • sharing information via My Health Record and systematic and proactive patient centered care for high need patients via CQI implementation.

Over the duration of the Education Program participants will understand the business case for eHealth support in chronic care, be able to improve the quality of clinical data, contribute to patient self-management skills and be able to use foundational eHealth applications.

Other practical participant activities will include the guided development of work plans which will:

  • include practice based protocols to systematise the use of My Health Record for targeted groups of patients with chronic conditions;
  • establish compliance with the new ePIP requirements and develop some capacity for participation in Health Care Home arrangements as outlined in the PHCAG recommendations;
  • demonstrate best practice in keeping with clinical guidelines for Mx of chronic conditions and
  • require completion of relevant quality improvement activity to link education with improved health outcomes and service efficiencies.