There are a lot of important Medicare numbers for you to remember, but we've put them all on this page in one handy reference place. 

Quick reference and easy access to Medicare Australia


Service Phone number
Practice Incentives Program 1800 222 032 (freecall)
General Practice Immunisation Incentives Scheme 1800 246 101 (freecall)
Rural Retention Program 1800 010 550 (freecall)
Family Assistance Office 136 150 *
(8am – 8pm Monday to Friday)
MediConnect Enquiry line 1300 850 111 *
MediConnect technical help desk 1300 850 155 *
* Local call rates. Normal mobile and public phone charges apply.


Service Phone number
Medicare enquiries
- Practitioners and staff
132 150 *
Medicare Online Enquiries 1800 700 199 (freecall)


Service Contact
PBS Information Line 1800 020 613 (freecall)

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register

General Enquiries 1800 653 809 (freecall)

Australian Organ Donor Register

General Enquiries 1800 777 203 (freecall)

Chronic disease and mental health care plan user pathways

Medicare asked the College to help ‘map’ the way patients move through parts of the health system. The two maps were developed showing user pathways of people involved in developing Chronic Disease and Mental Health Care Plans. They focus on the activities, relationships and touch points related to 'red tape' aspects of care plans, not clinical or health outcomes. The College was represented by Dr James Finn. You can now read and download the maps: Chronic Disease and Mental Health Care Plan User Pathways.