Timing and costs


The training program aims to provide you with a flexible way for you to obtain the necessary skills you require to be confident and competent to work in a rural or remote practice.

You must train for at least one year in the hospital after your intern year. This will allow you to gain a broad range of skills that will include general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, anaesthetics and obstetrics, gynaecology and emergency medicine. But don’t worry if you miss some of these skills in that first year. You will have an opportunity to gain and refine them as you progress through your training.

After completing your Core Clinical Training you can move to Advanced Specialist Training, Primary Rural and Remote Training or a combination of these two. Whilst the standards of study allow for maximum flexibility, particularly on the Independent Pathway, it is important to make a solid plan in consultation with your training provider or supervisor.


Costs will depend on the pathway you choose. 

On the Independent Pathway you will be required to meet your own training and assessment fees. The fee could end up being much less than you expect and is dependent on your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

Through the RVTS and AGPT pathways, your training fees will be met by the Commonwealth Government, but you will be required to meet all of your assessment fees.