How to apply

There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to apply for the Independent Pathway. 

Applying for the Independent Pathway, includes the following steps.

  1. Submission of Provisional RPL application 
  2. Online application 
  3. Submission 
  4. Referee reports 
  5. Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Eligibility for ACRRM's Independent Pathway

To qualify for entry into the Independent Pathway, applicants must be eligible in all of these components.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you are applying for RPL, you will need to create an account, or login to an existing account, to start your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application.

A provisional RPL application must be completed in conjunction with the application for selection. Your provisional RPL application outcome provides you with an indication of what your Fellowship requirements would be. Find out more about RPL.

RPL will only be awarded with supporting evidence being provided at the time of the RPL application submission.

Written submission

All applicants are required to complete a written submission. The written submission consists of five (5) questions that directly relate to the selection criteria below. You can prepare for your written submission by considering the selection criteria and how your interests and experience relate to each of the criteria.

Selection criteria

ACRRM selects candidates for the Independent Pathway based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to a career as a specialist general practitioner working in rural or remote Australia
  • Demonstrated capacity and motivation to acquire abilities, skills and knowledge in the ACRRM domains of practice
  • Demonstrated connection with rural communities
  • Demonstrated commitment to meeting the needs of rural and remote communities through an extended scope of practice
  • Possesses the personal characteristics associated with a successful career in rural or remote practice.

Prior to submission of your application, you should consider these criteria and how your interests and experience relate to each criterion. Each criterion will be considered throughout the selection process.

Referee Reports

Applicants are required to provide names and contact details for two medical practitioner referees to support their application.  Referees must have supervised you for four weeks or more in the past three years.

Referees must also:

  • Reside within Australia
  • Not be related or a close friend
  • Hold a Fellowship of specialist medical college (e.g. FACRRM, FRACGP or FACEM etc)

Referees will be provided with a survey to complete and return to the College.  The information provided will be treated confidentially and will not be made available to the applicant under any circumstances.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

MMIs are short interviews in which applicants display their experience, knowledge and skills by answering questions based on the selection criteria.  The interviewers include College representatives who live and practise in Australia.

Questions are designed to allow you an opportunity to display your ability to think logically about a topic and communicate your response and ideas effectively.  You will not know the details of the MMI questions, but you can prepare by reading the selection criteria and ensuring you relate your experiences to the key elements. 

Selection interviews are held in Brisbane with details relating to the interview provided to each shortlisted applicant individually.

Incomplete Applications 

Incomplete applications will automatically transfer to the next intake for review.  Application fees will not be refunded except in extenuating circumstances in line with the College’s Refund Policy. 


The College treats all information submitted confidentially.  All personal documentation submitted to the College for the purpose of RPL or an application for Independent Pathway will be sent to the College Censor, members of the Selection Panel and Medical Educator Team to determine training requirements and review suitability for the training program.  The College does not share this information or the outcome of the application with any outside party.

Complaints and appeals process 

The College recognises the need for the selection process to be rigorous and applied fairly and equitably to all applicants.  Should an applicant fell their application has been unfairly assessed, contact with the College is encouraged.  If the issue(s) cannot be resolved, applicants may access the Reconsideration, Review and Appeals policy.