The Structured Assessment using Multiple Patient Scenarios (StAMPS) is also used to assess performance in the following Advanced Specialised Training (AST) programs delivered by ACRRM:

  • Adult Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Mental Health
  • Surgery

The format is the same as for Primary Curriculum StAMPS but the content is mapped to the specific AST curricula.

AST StAMPS is delivered as follows:

  • Via distance technology from your own community or face to face at a venue arranged by the College
  • Using a fictional AST Community Profile to set the context for answering questions, often referred to as ‘StAMPSville’
  • Eight stations or scenarios are delivered by two or more examiners
  • Pre-reading material on all scenarios provided 10 minutes pre-exam, and
  • Five minutes between scenarios to consider the material for the next scenario and make notes.


To be eligible for AST StAMPS you must be undertaking or have completed training in the discipline or have received Recognition of Prior Learning for training in the discipline.

A training position is one where you are employed as a registrar or in a position that provides access to the registrar education program and an equivalent volume and acuity of clinical experience and as a registrar.

You should undertake the assessments in the later part of training, while still working in the relevant specialist environment.

It is not a prerequisite to complete all Primary Curriculum assessments before undertaking the AST assessments.

Preparing for AST StAMPS

Ensure that you have substantial experience at a registrar level of responsibility across the breadth of the curriculum for the relevant AST curriculum and that your experience is current.

Familiarise yourself with the Community Profile. StAMPS AST EM & GEM or StAMPS AST Paediatrics, Mental Health, Adult Internal Medicine & Surgery

If this is your first StAMPS assessment, practise the skills required for StAMPS. The preparation recommendations are the same as for PC StAMPS preparation. The Mock Exam is strongly recommended as preparation for all StAMPS assessment. EM StAMPS also has a Study Group with which you can engage.

Review the practice scenarios provided for PC StAMPS and AST EM StAMPS.

Active participation in the ruralEM forum is strongly recommended if you are undertaking AST EM.

Your key resources for EM StAMPS include:

Key dates

See the key dates for AST StAMPS in 2018.