Tracking activities completed

Logging the activities you have completed to meet your training pathway requirements is easy with the My training portfolio accessible from your My College dashboard.

You can, at a glance, see your progress against each of your training requirements:

  • Clinical experience, broken down into:
    • Core Clinical Training
    • Primary Rural and Remote Training, and
    • Advanced Specialised Training.
  • Education activities, broken down into:
    • emergency medicine courses
    • online modules
    • virtual classrooms, and
    • workshops.
  • Assessment, broken down into
    • primary summative
    • primary formative
    • advanced summative, and
    • advanced formative.

The portfolio shows your clinical experience, by location, tracking your progress against the minimum periods required for that stage of training.

Your educational activities section shows your requirements and your progress towards those requirements. It will also allow you to enrol on activities you still need to complete.

Your assessments provides a full listing of the assessments you have enrolled in, undertaken and the outcome.