While training towards Fellowship, you will work in College accredited teaching posts. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to these teaching environments.  Some of your training will take place in a hospital and some will take place in a community primary care setting; most commonly a general practice. There are some minimum requirements but the proportions may be adjusted according to individual training needs.

What is a teaching post

A teaching post refers to the accredited environment in which a registrar trains and works under supervision. A teaching post may be any environment which meets the College standards.

The teaching environments you work in may change during your stages of training, and can include:

Core Clinical Training


  • accredited hospital

Primary Rural and Remote Training


  • accredited hospital
  • Aboriginal Medical Service
  • general practice, and
  • retrieval medicine.

Advanced Specialised Training


  • general practice
  • hospital
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health service
  • community health service
  • university, and
  • training provider.

Search for a teaching post

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Placement support

The support you receive throughout your training depends entirely on the pathway that you chose to embark upon. 

  • For the AGPT pathway your regional training organisation will support you to help you find an appropriate teaching post.
  • On the RVTS pathway you will be training on-the-job in the remote community you are currently practising in, and
  • On the Independent Pathway, the College encourages you to be fully independent and you will be able to chose the location and environment to suit your training needs.

For more information your can view the standards for supervisors and teaching posts.