Mentoring and Leadership Program

The ACRRM Mentoring and Leadership Program is open to all College Members.

The program provides an opportunity for our more senior members to inspire and nurture their junior colleagues toward becoming exemplary rural doctors.

The mentor’s role will be to provide pastoral rather than academic support.

Mentees will have the opportunity to regularly discuss their professional issues and career plans with an experienced member of the College.

To register for the program, simply complete the application form.

The Member Services team will be in touch after you apply to provide you with further information.

Forgot your login details? No problems - just contact the Member Services team via or 1800 223 226.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need to be an ACRRM member to participate in the program? [more]

A. Yes, to participate you must be an ACRRM member or be eligible to join. Join here or contact our Member Services team on or 1800 223 226 for more information.

Q. Who can participate in the ACRRM mentoring program? [more]

A. The program is currently open to all ACRRM members. 

Q. How much does it cost to participate in the mentoring program? [more]

A. The mentoring program is complimentary for ACRRM members.

Q. How long does the program run for? [more]

A. The mentoring program runs for 12 months. At the end of the 12 month program, the formal part of the relationship will end, however in many instances relationships developed during the program will continue well into the future.

Q. What support does the College offer during the mentoring program? [more]

A. Mentors and mentees will have access to forums, webinars and online materials designed to assist them during their mentoring journey. ACRRM Member Services team members are also available to assist at any time.

Q. Can I join the mentoring program at any time or do I need to wait for an intake? [more]

A. You are welcome to join the program at stage of your career. At any given time there will be a group of mentors and mentees available who you will be able to connect with.

Q. How often should I meet with my mentor/mentee? [more]

A. As a guide, we recommend making contact for 1 hour a month. Pairs may decide to meet more frequently and are encouraged to do so, if this suits both parties. Meetings can take place face to face or via email, phone or Skype depending on what suits the pair.

Q. What do I talk to my mentor/mentee about? [more]

A. We recommend pairs develop a guide to what they want to discuss at each meeting. This will assist both parties to prepare for and make the most of their meeting times. As an example, mentees could have prepared a list of questions they need help with and the mentor could have some experiences they wish to share.

Q. My mentoring relationship is not working out, what can I do? [more]

A. In the event that mentors/mentees are not suited or the relationship is not working out, please contact to discuss the situation. ACRRM Member Services will make every effort to assist both parties to a resolution.

Q.  I need to withdraw from the program, what do I need to do? [more]

A. In the event you no longer want to participate, please contact our Member Services via email or call 1800 223 226 to discuss further. We will then contact your mentor/mentee to inform them. We recommend as professional courtesy to notify your mentor/mentee of your withdrawal.