At each stage of your training you will have an accredited supervisor within your teaching post.

Accreditation of supervisors

Accreditation of supervisors is conducted at the regional level in conjunction with a training provider to ensure local knowledge. The steps involved in the accreditation of a supervisor are:

  1. Training provider assesses the supervisor against ACRRM standards for the stage of training they're being accredited for, ie CCT, PRRT or AST
  2. Supervisor is deemed by the training provider to be suitable and to meet the ACRRM standards
  3. Training provider recommends supervisor to ACRRM for accreditation, and
  4. ACRRM awards accreditation if appropriate.

Role of supervisor

A supervisor is the doctor responsible for the day to day performance of a registrar. The supervisor-registrar relationship forms the cornerstone of the enhanced apprenticeship model of learning in rural and remote general practice.

Supervision involves providing monitoring, guidance and feedback on matters of personal, professional and educational development in the context of the doctor’s care of patients. This would include the ability to anticipate a doctor’s strengths and weaknesses in particular clinical situations, in order to maximise patient safety.

Supervisors are required to meet pre-defined College standards.