Standards for Training Organisations

Training organisations that deliver education and training on behalf of ACRRM are required to meet the ACRRM Standards for Training Organisations.

The ACRRM Standards for Training Organisations 2016 use the Standards for Assessment and Accreditation of Specialist Medical Education Programs and Professional Development Programs by the Australian Medical Council 2015 that are relevant to training delivery and supplement these with other standards to provide specificity and ensure relevancy to the context of ACRRM vocational training.

The standards are divided into four main sections:

  1. Training and education systems
  2. Information, records and reporting
  3. Education delivery
  4. Training posts and supervisors.

Under each section there are subsections and a set of standards for each. In general the standards alone are specific enough without requiring further information. In some subsections mandatory indicators are included to provide additional guidance.

The ACRRM Standards for Training Organisations 2016 replace the ACRRM Standards for Regional Training Recognition. It is anticipated that the revision of the standards will have little material impact. The revised standards have a new structure, updating to reflect changes in training policies and the provision additional information for clarification of requirements.

The ACRRM Standards for Training Organisations 2016 come into effect on 1 January 2017 and training organisations will have until 31 December 2017 to fully comply. The standards will be reviewed every three years or more frequently if required.

Annual report

Training Organisations are required to provide ACRRM with an annual report each year prior to 30 January using the ACRRM template.

Serious issues reporting

Training Organisations are required to report to ACRRM using the ACRRM Serious Issues Reporting Form:

  • An error by a registrar or supervisor that is suspected to have caused death or significant injury to a patient
  • Criminal activity or suspected criminal activity by a registrar, supervisor or teaching post
  • An event (including illness) that significantly affects a registrar’s ability to train
  • Any actions by a registrar, supervisor, or employee of a training organisation likely to bring the College into disrepute
  • Any material change with the training organisation that has the capacity to affect the delivery of ACRRM training in accordance with standards.